Zoe Russell

ou know you need to market your business. But if you were great at marketing then you’d have set up a marketing business in the first place. Right?

Well you don’t have to, because that’s what I’ve done.

My whole aim is to make marketing easier for small business owners, so that you know what to do, when to do it, why to do it and how to do it.

It starts with working out what exactly you want from your business, so we can create a strategy that’s just right for you and your business needs right now, and in to the future.

Then we identify which marketing “stuff” will bring that strategy to life.

Next, and this is the good bit, we create a 90 Day Action Plan. This plan lets you see exactly what you need to do each month, each week and each day if everything’s gong to work. Whether it’s stuff you’ve got to do, tasks you need to delegate to a team member, or elements to outsource to an expert, you know exactly what needs to happen, and you’re in control of it all.

And it’s all very well getting a great plan, and all the instructions, but we know that the day to day will carry on getting in the way, so we also offer fortnightly mentoring to keep you accountable, give you support, help you when you come a bit unstuck about something, and generally make sure that you’re on track to make your marketing work.

Oh, and we help you measure the success of your marketing activities too. So you know what results you’ve got from your marketing spend, and can make some informed decisions about what to do next.

Find out more. Book a focus call with me at https://calendly.com/zhrmarketing/focus-call


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