Neil Schambra Stevens

Great things happen when people can Be Seen, Be Heard, and Be Valued.💥
I use kindness as the catalyst to fuel this human potential in the workplace.
My work focuses on future leaders, the middle management in organisations
These emerging talent are the ‘Next Generation’ of leadership
Research shows they are underrepresented in terms of support and development.
Critically they are the future and a company’s number one asset.
I work with brands and agencies to bring a fresh mindset around kindness at work
We support future facing organizations to create more human ways of working.
This achieved with a blend of diagnostics and business coaching.
Building a deliberate sustainable mindset of kindness is simply better for the triple bottom line.
Kindness is the #1 unlock to grow your people and your business.
It builds trust and psychological safety.
It inspires creativity and innovation
It creates a kickass workplace culture where people want to be their best and do their best work.
After all, companies are only as healthy as the people who work in them.


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