Nancy Kinder

Since leaving Mondelez in 2013, I am enjoying an incredible journey working for many different companies, specialising on knowledge sharing communities and embedding collaboration.

I have spent the first 4 years working part time for FeverBee, an online community consultancy. I have worked with clients to help establish strong knowledge sharing communities both in large organisations and for external customer audiences.

We have researched, developed and implemented community strategy and action plans which add value not only for the organisation but also for the members. I presented at the Virtual Community Summit and led Community Manager Training in many Client organisations. Our clients have included Alaska University, The World Bank, Tax Linked – a community for lawyers, AXELOS, CGG and Vorwerk International.

At the same time I have been growing independently, I am very proud to have worked with TFPL, Organisational Zoo, University of Oxford Law Library, HRMC, Mondelez International, Severn Trent Water, European Central Bank and Pace Insights. Providing a mixture of one day training workshops, KM evaluations, knowledge harvest and transfer toolkit and regular coaching.

My winning formula is to fully understand the current environment, uncover barriers and opportunities and then tailor the right tactics which I have tried and tested over the years. I have been able to accelerate knowledge sharing which has led to significant cost savings for my client organisations. 

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