Michael Broughton

Thought leader with a record of success at the nexus of Digital, Innovation, Technology and Commercial Sport and Entertainment. Industry leader in Digital Transformation strategy and implementation. Positive communicator able to bring together technical and business players both on vision and execution to enable growth across all metrics. A Marketing Technology expert – speaking both the language of the CMO and CTO.

As the strategic lead on how to use technology to scale the business of FIFA and to grow the game, I am responsible for reimagining how we work with the technology in a practical way to deliver tangible results. Leaving FIFA at the end of June 2020.

As the co-founder of Sports Investment Partners we paved the way for the investment community to see the wider sports sector as one that is worthy of external capital. In 2010 no-one saw the potential in the market. Now it is on-trend and seeing fresh influxes of capital.

Every week I record a video or two highlighting issues in the industry of sport or unearthing positive stories we can all learn from.

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