marcus schaper

Marcus Schaper

Marcus is a person who is making an impact on the world around him.


With a background in computer science and business administration, his first 13 years of professional career were in the capacity of a consultant. Starting with programming and project management at Accenture, he was part of the team building the German stock exchange systems Xetra and Eurex. After gaining enough operational experience, Marcus moved on to strategic consultancy McKinsey where he helped dozens of clients in large business and IT transformations, including building an airplane, launching new products in telecoms and insurance, and turning around multiple large scale projects that were in troubled waters. He enjoyed working with people, being a recruiter, founding a new office in Prague, and introducing a new global community of practitioners for software development.


After that phase, Marcus became an executive at trading and energy companies, being responsible for IT and digitalization. His passion continued to be large scale transformations, large project delivery and people development. He and his team managed to more than double the productivity in the IT of a trading house. He was part of the team that in record time carved out 40.000 people-company innogy from RWE and made a successful IPO, while he also made sure that the same teams were well integrated when a few years later innogy was taken over by E.ON. During that time he introduced digital platforms, established multiple guilds and revamped people and talent development practices. All that happened while the employee net promoter score rose by 40 points.


After 12 years of CIO-ship, Marcus has recently shifted gears to focus even more on helping others make a positive, sustainable impact on the world. He is a business angel and senior advisor, and in this capacity also hosts the podcast Kultur wandle Dich//What the Heck is Going On.


In his spare time, Marcus loves photography, creates and plays board games, is running (also with his dog), creating 3D designs, and finally beekeeping. He lives with his wife, two kids and a dog closeby Hamburg in Germany.


Marcus Schaper

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