Kate Roeske-Zummer

I inspire people to be good humans in the workplace by exposing the discontent and inhumanity that often accompanies how people work together. A coach, designer of kick-as-timelines and consultant, I have worked in organizations that transform difficult work cultures through practical skills and techniques. Bad behavior needs to shift in order for work to be more productive. I have had hundreds of conversations with leaders and folks in organizations who are stuck. They are frustrated with people who are difficult to work with, the ones that create toxicity and roadblocks to getting work done. These difficult people cause valued employees to quit, they stall progress and productivity, they suck our energy and the life out of our workplaces.

But here’s the real secret – productivity is about people. Roadblocks show up at work because most of us don’t know how to navigate the messy parts of being human and working together. Yet so many are focused on what the outcome should look like without helping you learn how to shift this behavior.

At Humanity Works, we are on a mission to change that. We know that when working together is deeper and more connected, people give more of themselves and business wins. We give you practical techniques that shift behavior to be a good human and do better work. We are creating a movement so that everyone from employees to HR to C-Suite can work better together to produce great business results. Join our Movement. www.humanityworks.com

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