Debbie Cohen

Tapping into the unstoppable power of human connection, I cause the transformation of people and organizations so both can reach their fullest potential.

A non-conventional HR executive, I am known for questioning the status quo and have a track record for pushing the envelope to fundamentally change the world of work. I have led transformation within diverse organizations and industries converting company cultures from toxic to healthy, from competitive to collaborative, from fearful to safe, one human at a time.

This is why I co-founded HumanityWorks. At HumanityWorks we believe there is unrealized potential inside your organization and that humanity is the key to releasing more productivity.

We know that working together is messy and that most people don’t know how to navigate this well. This results in behaviors that create toxicity and roadblocks that stall progress.

HumanityWorks helps leaders and their teams build the muscle required to work together as engaged productive human beings – the magic for success and better business results. We are creating a movement to bring more humanity to the workplace so everyone from employees to HR to the C-suite, can change the world of work together.

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