Annemie Ress

Founder and CEO of PurpleBeach Ltd, an innovation and people consultancy focussed primarily on business model innovation and digital transformation. 

Currently  Managing Director Innogy Innovation Hub GmbH, co-leading strategic and commercial direction of the Innovation Hub, which includes deciding on investment in over 50 start-ups, driving customer, commercial and people growth with a specific focus on disruptive digital, the machine economy, cyber security and smart and connected ventures.

Previously Annemie has worked extensively in Global HR and People Innovation with eBay, Paypal and Skype, to name just a few.

Annemie has been creating annual PurpleBeach experiences since 2013, all of which have embraced challenging themes, hosted inspiring (and entertaining) guests and have offered unique, original networking events like no other. There is no question she will not ask and there is no answer she will not hear. TED talks; PurpleBeach listens!

Annemie currently lives in West London and enjoys reading, cooking, and a good Spa. She is also partial to the occasional sundowner on the Beach. Any colour, doesn’t have to be purple … but preferably sunny!

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