Anna Baréz-Brown

I want to make the corporate world a more human place by having more women at the top of organisations and my passion is to help companies with gender diversity and to empower individual women to be brave and authentic. Shine for Women was developed in 2014. It is a programme for corporations to increase gender diversity. It works because it empowers women to be the change they want to see. The heart of Shine is a highly effective workshop dedicated to giving women the confidence and ability to shrive professionally and personally. Around Shine there is loads of things we advise companies to do to become more diverse and equal.

We also run open courses in sunny Lyme Regis for business women who need some time to think and focus outside of their companies or women in transition. We try and bring biz women from different industries together so that we can share best practices and get inspired. It is mind-blowing how much women do have in common even if their backgrounds and industries do vary and how difficult they find it to compartmentalise compared to men. When a women leaves Shine she will have clarity around what she really wants and a plan and toolbox to go for it and a support team of other women to help her achieve.

Before Shine I worked as a coach and facilitator and I have my own company since 2001. I started out as a coach doing 1 to 1 sessions before coaching was a well-established term. My clients asked me to work with their teams which is why I started working with groups and since 2008 I specialise in working with women.

Before that I worked in publishing for Axel-Springer Verlag in Hamburg and for Bertelsmann AG in London. In my last corporate job as a sales director for Europe I had 65 sales people in 12 countries which was great fun in terms of working with different cultures and seeing a business grow.

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